Need a Game Changer to Boost your Business?

If you are just starting out as a company, it is natural to want a logo to represent it.

However, instead of being laser focused on wanting a logo, have you considered how you can create top-of-mind awareness with the customers you want to reach?

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Your business can use this bright Idea

Your small- to medium-sized business or non-profit organization can benefit from a go-to “design guy” without needing to hire a full-time staff.

With over a decade of experience as an in-house creative professional, I have learned (and is still learning) the value of understanding a business from the inside-out before developing any design and marketing solutions.

You can find a person who knows how to create graphic arts, but your company is never too small to deserve brand-sensitive design with marketing-driven solutions.

And that’s what I aim to bring to the table; becoming your out-of-house in-house design resource that goes beyond just meeting your graphic design needs. I believe in understanding the big picture before getting your message out to your audience.

Brand driven solutions for big picture strategy
While DS9HSE (click to learn about the weird name) is based in Oklahoma City, technology has allowed the digital nomad in me to serve my clients wherever I needed to be. With clients in Uganda, Ecuador, Singapore (also my home country), and within the United States, I have the privilege of visiting places and making friends.

And that’s right in line with my passion to first learn about my clients and the culture (of their company and of their country) before providing any brand-centric marketing solutions to meet their business goals. Who says I cannot mix business with pleasure?

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