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Instagram has continued to be an inspirational community and a personal channel for creative expression. A recent color-themed challenge by Josh Johnson caused me to think about the Instagrammers who have been a daily muse.

Personally, many of my posts are attempts to imitate an existing style of a fellow-Instagrammer, while challenging myself to add a personal flair of creativity. In addition, I am slowly connecting with like-minded people and learning their stories. Ultimately, I hope to have a chance to meet most of them in person and go gramming together!

It’s my goal to build a “wall” of color-inspired posts featuring Instagram friends (ie. old and new) as Josh issues a different color challenge throughout the day. Let me start off with the first group showing posts from three Instagrammers with elements of red in them.

Red Inspirations (#jj_forum_1037_red)

Doris (@dodovo) is amongst the first group of friends I connected with on Instagram. Her enduring posts of common objects and the occasional appearance of her son Z never fail to put a smile on my face. Click here to see one of my posts inspired by Doris.

Martin’s (@emptyreyes) levitation posts are the first thing that caught my attention when I started gramming. #NationLevitation (now a dedicated account by Martin) launched my adventure as I get friends to jump, leap, and soar for that effortless levitation shots!  Click here to see one of my posts inspired by Martin.

Alicia (@flockofpenguins) is another loyal friend on Instagram with her generous double-taps and timely suggestions for creative posts. She recently inspired me to start a dedicated account for my Mr. Potato Head series (#TotForTheDay). I am looking forward to the day I can meet this skateboarding, penguin-loving gal and her family in person.  Click here to see one of my posts inspired by Alicia.

Blue Inspirations (#jj_forum_1037_blue)

Dirk (@macenzo) captures architecture like nobody else. The patterns and textures of buildings and infrastructures through Dirk’s lens are visually stunning. And upon closer look, you will start seeing varying details through the windows, between the rails, and in the reflections. It’s eye-candy on Instagram!  Click here to see one of my posts inspired by Dirk.

When I first chanced upon Jill’s (@shineonyoucraydiamond) gallery, I am struck by her collection of minimalistic images she called Little People in a Big World. I am drawn to that style as it truly reflects this big and beautiful planet we are in … we just need to step back and let it embrace us. Click here to see one of my posts inspired by Jill.

Marcus (@marcus1spannier), the creator of #UseTheClouds is the master at cloud manipulation! His gallery is filled with fun compositions, each painting a different idea such as the ones above. Click here to see one of my posts inspired by Marcus.

Green Inspirations (#jj_forum_1037_green)

Kyle (@asenseofhuber) loves his turtles but don’t get me wrong, his gallery is not just about these green creatures. However, Kyle’s turtle posts (via #TurtleTuesday and a dedicated account) have a sense of humor I appreciate. In fact, I was inspired and started my own journey (slow but hopefully a spud-tacular one). Click here to see one of my posts inspired by Kyle.

When I first saw Emily’s (@emils24) superhero profile picture, I became a fan. With her colorful gallery gracing my feed, I am inspired by her crayon problem (join us at #ihaveacrayonproblem) and her stunning macro shots. Click here to see one of my posts inspired by Emily.

Kaijiin (@51.3hz) is from Malaysia, a country north of my home country of Singapore. Take a transcontinental journey with me if you care to know why I came to the US. His posts inspire me because they are clean and simple. Furthermore, I enjoy communicating with him in my mother-tongue Mandarin when I get the chance. Click here to see one of my posts inspired by Kaijiin.


Yellow Inspirations (#jj_forum_1037_yellow)

I first met Eric (@i_like_boring_things) last August at a local Instameet in Oklahoma City. “Today we challenged the idea of a Instameet,” was how Eric prepared us for that day. We were asked to put down our phones (or cameras) and get to know someone new. Much of that morning was spent meeting people, hearing their stories, and then making a portrait of them to post later with what we learned. Eric inspired me to photograph more portraits, but more importantly, break down social barriers. Click here to see my portrait of Eric.

Can (@canahtam) is a storyteller as he travels the globe on his #discoveraround adventures. You will find captivating portraits of people he meets from Boston to Istanbul, and the occasional humorous ones of himself. I would love to travel with Can one day, but meanwhile, join him on Instagram! Click here to see one of my posts inspired by Can.

Branden (@brandenharvey) is another storyteller and globetrotter I have the pleasure of following on Instagram. While picture is said to speak more than a thousand words, this Portlandian’s #storyportrait gives you deeper insights to the people he meets. Branden inspires me to go beyond capturing portraits. Click here to see one of my posts inspired by Branden.

Orange Inspirations (#jj_forum_1037_orange)

José (@joselourenco) is one of the first few Instagrammers I followed as I am drawn to his use of #Instasymbology. Aren’t those orange icons alot more cooler than the traditional speech bubbles? I think so. Go check out his feed and get ready for a colorful ride! Click here to see one of my posts inspired by José.

Celine’s (@sunburntchaos) recent photo edits have caused me to do several double-takes. This Irish wedding, portrait & commercial photographer is definitely showing a different side of herself via Instagram, and I get a kick every time her post appears in my feed. Click here to see one of my posts inspired by Celine.

Anthony (@el_anthonyg) is a master at photo manipulation. I would describe his posts as surreal, whimsical, and magical. WARNING: Some images might make your skin crawl. He has inspired me to do a little image re-engineering myself.  Click here to see one of my posts inspired by Anthony.

Purple Inspirations (Josh Johnson did not issue a challenge for this color but I thought I complete the rainbow with this post)

Matt (@mattcrump) and his candy-colored minimalistic posts has such a surrealism about them that I cannot peel my eyes off them. His artful composition makes the images so much fun to look at and he covers the whole array of rainbow colors. Follow him if you have not already! Click here for one of my posts inspired by Matt.

Kim’s (@runnerkimhall) posts are “happy” to say the least, especially the ones of her dog who is a regular star on her feed. Being a runner myself, I gave her extra brownie points for being a user of Newton Running shoes when I chanced upon a lugshot! Click to see what I do to a potato and marvel at what she does to her dog!

Mariana (@mariana_ito) is an Instagrammer I started following as a result of the yellow-themed challenge. When exploring the feed of various entries, I was double-tapping many of her posts (and I am not a very generous tapper). As such, I am now a fan of Mariana’s charming minimalistic gallery!

A partial Instagram logo was created with images from the 16 Instagrammers whom I have highlighted in six separate color grids. I have also inserted some of my own images as these and 350+ more people are my daily muse on this social media.

The whole logo will be created over the next few years as I am sure more inspirational people will be added into the mix.

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