God sent rain but He did not wash away …

Besides learning to appreciate the growing, harvesting, and processing of the magical bean known as coffee (& enjoying some quality single origin coffee) while exploring Uganda with my client Endiro Coffee, God left a mark in my life as he allowed me to leave a mark on this Pearl Of Africa.

20150918_122504On Sep 18 2015, I started painting the third wall at MBale; the location where Endiro’s new Mexi-ganda menu (a fusion of Mexican and Ugandan flavors) will be served. The sky was clear with no sign of rain to come as I worked on getting design elements painted on a stretch of exterior walls at an outdoor dining space.


I made good progress (top image) when it started drizzling but kept on painting when the staff told me the light rain will pass. As I taped the pillar for some lettering job, the rain got heavier that I had to stopped.

I took shelter and told God that if He chooses to let it pour and wash the undried paint job off, I am willing to repaint the whole thing. The rain came down hard for a good 15-20 mins.

When it finally stopped, I went back to the wall mentally prepared to start all over again. What I saw stopped me in my tracks … the ground was soaked and the trees were still dripping wet. The wall with the wet paint was untouched by the rain!


For a split moment, I credited the shade of the trees that protected the main paint job. I was proven wrong when I got closer to the pillar (bottom image) and saw that the masking tapes were soaked! The paint job directly on the left of the tapes was not affected by the rain at all.


So folks, there is nothing more to say but all glory to our God Almighty!

All things are created by and for Him (Colossians 1:16), and He is in control of all things, including the weather. I am humbled by the opportunities to served Endiro Coffee in the last few weeks and walked away with an unspoken awe of who God is.

Like with most of my travels, the experiences in Uganda with my client Endiro Coffee, I have gained valuable insights as I developed brand-sensitive and marketing-driven solutions for them.


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