CASE STUDY: This is How We Roll

“… social media is a burger made by your brand for your audience. It needs to be served quickly, fit their tastes, be fresh and most importantly, look appealing.”Your Social Media Engagement Burger by Catalyst90

Treating social media content creation like making & serving a burger makes sense to me especially when I have a couple of clients in the food industry.

Being a fan of mind-mapping, I created one showing how I took a client’s product (eg. a sushi roll) and created twelves possible sushi-licious content for social media*.


*Social media content is more than just what you have to sell / offer to your target audience. Learn of 26 ways to create engaging content.

GoGo Sushi is a locally owned and operated restaurant serving a whole array of Japanese food like sushi roll, sashimi, hibachi, bento box, udon, etc. The above infographic is a way to think through a client’s product for the purpose of generating content ideas.

Join in me the world of food porn!

Start with a roll…

I picked the Andrew Roll, one of 50+ sushi rolls GoGo serves.

Shoot me good

Sushi rolls are colorful pieces of art. Show them off with professional photography. If budget is limited, photograph the roll near a window for more day light. Get varying perspectives and zoom levels … dare I say, go macro!

Break it down

Customers are always interested in what goes in (and on) a sushi roll. Show the anatomy of the roll! And if the roll is inspired by a fan (like in the case of GoGo), tell that story!


Give people addition reason to try the roll (besides it being #GoGoGood). Offer it as a lunch special or reward returning customers with a free one!

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Add More Flavor

Not everyone is a sushiologist and sometimes the garnishing served with a roll can be intimidating. Explain that the pickled ginger is a palette cleanser and that a dab of wasabi will enhance the flavor. More product knowledge = Enhanced dining experience.

Widen the Scope

With the same goal of educating customers, introduce them to the fam! For example, Andrew Roll belongs to a family of rolls called Futomaki (seaweed on the outside, rice on the inside) and there are other rolls collectively known as Uramaki, Temaki, Hosomaki, etc.


People have always talked about their experiences (good ones and especially the bad) with a product, service, and brand. People want to be heard and social media channels have given them a louder voice. Is social media changing the expectation of customer service?

Seek out fans posting photos of themselves with your product and with their permission, repost the photos (thoughtfully curated, of course) on your social media channel/s. These user generated content are powerful.

Click here to learn how to identify content that will potentially generate word-of-mouth.


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