Eat, Love and Pun

I had so much fun with the first set of “punny” posts, I decided to continue my rampage around the kitchen and pantry for inspirations.

You can image my excitement when I found a couple of heart-shaped cookie cutters and multiple colored cutting boards to add to my arsenal of (photographic) weaponry.


Finger tapping good

You may have already noticed by now that all the images in this series have a heart shaped element. This was inspired by Minneapolis designer and illustrator David Schwen’s Interactivegram series.

David staged his photos and videos with a heart shape in the center, creating an interactive experience for his followers on Instagram. When someone double taps his photo or video to ‘like’ it via a mobile phone, the heart that appears on the screen matches up with the heart in the image.

I have been a fan of this type of composition since participating in an Instagram Weekend Hashtag Project #WHPinteractivegrams in 2014. Click to see how it works.

Screen Shot 2016-05-28 at 4.42.25 PM

For the love of food (and puns)

I love food and puns, though I am horrible at coming up with the latter (many friends can attest to that). But thanks to the power of search engines, I have a whole slew of food-related puns (good and bad ones) at my finger tips.

For this series (primarily on Instagram), it’s my goal to stage the image and photograph it with very little need for edits besides adjusting exposure, color temperature and extending the background.

As such, it is important for me to plan how to form the heart shaped element with the food of my choice. Here are some from the second set.

  *Heart_WaysToSay_BananaMay we never ever split

*Heart_WaysToSay_PhoOur love is pho real

I am very grapeful for you

You have a few food-related puns (has to be an expression of love) up your sleeves? Share below.

Check out the first set.

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