My love affair (with all things edible)

Life is never dull if you allow the simplest of things to inspire you; like the food we stuff our faces with while trying to get through each day filled with endless to-dos.

I used to eat at my desk just so I can get more done during lunch hour; mindlessly moving curly fries into my mouth with one hand while maneuvering the mouse with the other.

While it’s fast food, we don’t have to inhale it. I mean, those Arby’s curly fries are to die for especially when dipped (or slobbered) with horsey sauce! But back to my point; food needs to be savoured (and be a means for creative expressions).


We make a great combo

Being from a country known as a food paradise, I realized long ago that I will not have the luxury of culinary options I was used to getting in Singapore. However, the enjoyment of food extends beyond the tastebuds. An elderly Baptist lady once told me;

“Sweetie, where there’s food, there’s fellowship.”

My love for Oklahoma grew from the relationships formed over the sharing of food; be it at Church potluck or at someone’s home. Once, I was invited to a friend’s home for a meal and this was what happened at the dinner table:

Friend (motioning to a family member):
P.S. I love you

Family member (passing the pepper & salt shakers):
I love you too

P.S. (latin for post scriptum) when used in writing, indicates something written after the main content of a letter. As for my friend’s family, saying “P.S. I love you” serves two purposes: (1) to ask for the pepper & salt and (2) to express love for another at the table. Warm-fuzzies should follow.


I grew to appreciate the opportunity to make friends over eating a meal, especially in college when international students come together sharing food from our own country. Rice has always been a common bond amongst my friends from southeast Asia since it’s to most of us a comfort food. Noodles rank second.


And then there’s donut. Interestingly, I never really care for these sugary fried dough until I came to the U.S.  Between national chains like Dunkin’ Donuts & Krispy Kreme, and hole-in-the-wall joints like Polar Donuts (ranked Best Donut in Oklahoma) & one run by a sweet Korean woman in Moore Oklahoma, donuts from the latter taste just a little better because of it’s hometown feel.


As I continue my gastronomical adventures (in Oklahoma, Singapore, or other parts of the world), I hope to capture more expressions of love in many “punny” ways! So let’s eat, love and (have) pun.



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