CASE STUDY: Let’s Do The Pokay

In the heat of the Pokémon Go craze last July, one would think the Poké (pronounced POKE-AY) Bowl was a gimmicky marketing stunt to draw Pokémon trainers to grab them all. But not so…

The timing has definitely been advantageous when my client decided to launch this new product and test the demand for a not-so-well-known item (in Oklahoma that is) with Hawaiian roots.

The Goal:

  • Create awareness of and generate sales for the new GoGo Poké Bowl
  • Solicit feedback from customers who have tried the product
  • Build deeper relationships with customers and affiliate businesses


The Challenge:

  • Poké is not a well-known product as it is on the West and East Coast, where my client got the inspiration.
  • Some customers may think that the product is a playoff on the Pokémon Go craze and not take the launch seriously.
  • There are similar products offered in other restaurants which our customers may compare it to.

The Strategy:

  • The Poké Bowl was presented as a test kitchen product as we encouraged customers to provide a review after they have tried it.
  • The ingredients, with the exception of two fish choices, remain unchanged to keep the product consistent.

In-store promotional items from TV screen, flyers, to mock-up Poké Bowl.

The Execution:

  • Web Content. We created new content telling the story behind the GoGo Test Kitchen Poké Bowl including its inspiration, the ingredients, how-to (enjoy a Poké Bowl), and an online survey. Note that the client has changed the look-&-feel of their website.
  • In-Store Promotion. We displayed posters, flyers, and a mock-up Poké Bowl at the restaurant to reach walk-in customers.
  • Social Media Post. Between Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, a series of posts were created and scheduled.
  • Fan Outreach. We reached out to fans and businesses across social media channels and invited various people to try and review the product. Helpful article about social selling.
Examples of interaction with fans via Instagram post (left) and Twitter DM (right).

The Results:

The GoGo Poké Bowl is still on sale at the time of this post but here are some preliminary results:

  • Over 40 Poké Bowls were sold in the first two days of the launch and over 100 within a month.
  • 31 reviews were received within a month of the launch.
  • 32% of the reviews came from customers who heard about the product via social media (organic reach).

Learn how we connect with customers on Facebook.

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