A Message of Love

I was at the airport waiting to welcome my American friends who were visiting Singapore when the idea of embedding a hidden message within images on the Eat.Love.Pun. Instagram account came to me.

And so, for the next hour (it’s a good thing I arrived early), I started doodling…

Learn how a unique feature of this photo-sharing app inspired this.

Adjoining images on instagram

Publishing 3-in-1 post with adjoining elements is a style I adopted for the Eat.Love.Pun. account. And so, for this creative experimentation, I wanted to continue that look.

Planning the puzzle piecesWith square pieces of note paper (very useful for this stage of planning indeed), I drew a skeleton of how the hidden message can be embedded in various 27 images (ie. nine 3-in-1 posts). Nine became the magic number since I wanted to visually form a picture with a heart shape.

Planning the hidden messageThe goal was to make sure the final message flows logically within the 27 images, which have their own textual content too. A unique hashtag will then be used to gather the nine specific posts forming the heart shape picture.

Executing design on computerBack at the house, I began to sketch out how I wanted all the posts to look with text, products, and graphical elements. With the “storyboard” in hand, I used Adobe Photoshop to build the images.

For the people I loveWhile Eat.Love.Pun. is also an online store where people can purchase products with specific art from the series, the heart-shaped creations were mostly inspired by the people I love (find links to all nine stories below).

Hidden Message with Hashtag

Just as we need food for daily sustenance, filling our hearts with love for people (and not things) is important. And that’s ultimately the message behind the nine stories. Click here to see the hidden message grouped together by the hashtag #eat❤pun.

If the hashtag with emoji does not work, click on the hashtag #eat_love_pun to view the final composition. Note that IG hashtag is time-sensitive. For this project, the nine posts have to be in specific position within the grid and therefore, adding the hashtag for the reveal must be added in the desired order.

I also hope to encourage people to freely express love for one another; between friends, lovers, buddies, and family. As we are in the season of gift giving, take time to reflect on your own story about the person you are giving the gift to.

Nine Stories

Chapter 1   |   It’s in the Cookie
Chapter 2   |   Lettuce Ponder
Chapter 3   |   Pearable of Love
Chapter 4   |   Friendship is like a Box of Tic Tacs
Chapter 5   |   A Curvaceous Friend
Chapter 6   |   I Like it Hot
Chapter 7   |   Southern Charm
Chapter 8   |   Unbearable Distance
Chapter 9   |   The Little Peas on Earth


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