INFOGRAPHIC • Inside the Red Cherry

My journey with coffee got intimate when I visited Endiro Coffee in Uganda and artistically stained their café walls back in 2015.

Since then, whenever I “brew” a cup of instant coffee I would be reminded of the defective beans used in the soluble powdery mixture of my morning caffeine fix.

Before you categorize me as “one of those coffee snobs”, let me stop you right there.

I have experienced my fair share of intimidation in one of those coffee roasteries where the barista would give you a death stare when you ask for sweetener (hey, I like my coffee sweet).

The snobbery can stay in their exclusive club as I am determined to help others learn about coffee in a non-hostile and fun environment.

As a visual learner, I can spend hours looking at coffee-related infographics while getting a virtual caffeine high. Give me a textbook about coffee- no amount of joe can stop my eyes from glazing over.

Coffee Infographic
An infographic about coffee grind level in the works.

Over the last few months, I have been working with Endiro Coffee again and started creating a series of branded infographics.

Below is the first completed one showing the anatomy of a coffee cherry. Come on this journey with me as I peel away more layers of this magical bean.

Anatomy of a Coffee Cherry

Want to buy a print of this infographic? Let me know in the comment below.




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