Part 3 | North of the Border

Despite the delay in crossing the border, our close proximity to the Mexican custom from Eagle Pass Texas was helpful as we had to walk over a couple of times to sort out the documentations needed for our vehicle.

And since we lost three extra days that we could be driving towards Guatemala, we were determined to make the best of our extended stay in this city; the home of the only casino in Texas.

Eagle Pass is not your typical tourist stop but Trip Advisor has listed four things to do, and visiting the Kickapoo Lucky Eagle Casino is one of them. I don’t gamble and have a limited budget, so the free (but watered-down) sodas and no cover charge for live music at ¿Qué Pasa? Lounge on a Sunday evening worked out great.

(Counter Clockwise from Top Left) | Hal F. Bowles Park and Amphitheatre. Maverick County Lake. Fort Duncan Infantry Barrack. Having the best picnic with bread and smoked herring from Trader Joe’s.

We also braved Texas heat by exploring parks. We spent a nice morning studying the Bible and practicing yoga at Maverick County Lake, walked through the drainage system of Hal F. Bowles Park and Amphitheatre, and explored the ruins of Fort Duncan Infantry Barrack.

To escape the heat after visiting the parks and downtown shops, we were thankful for $1 fountain drinks from McDonald’s, freezers at the supermarket, and brain-freezingly good mangonadas and ice cream!

Counter Clockwise from Top Left | Getting directions to San Luis Potosi from Sister Juana Maria. Enjoying “gourmet” spicy ramen. Our humble lodging. Working on some projects for Sister Juana Maria.

We are definitely (and forever) grateful for our air-conditioned accommodation courtesy of Our Lady of Refuge. Our stay at the church led us to meet Sister Juana Maria (lady in blue in the picture above) who later entrusted us with gifts for her family in the Mexican state of San Luis Potosi. Our stop in the city center of San Luis Potosi became one of the highlights of our trip through Mexico.

(R) Installing the long-awaited tag and (L) Just crossed the Mexican border.

The weekend quickly passed and Monday came around. It was day #6 when we got the vehicle tag and headed south of the border. Click here for highlights from the other side of Rio Grande.

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