Unexpected Matches In TJ’s

For the last few months, I have been loving every moment working at Trader Joe’s as a crew member. Besides the camaraderie of being part of a family of like-minded people, the small but unique selection of food and beverages had me in culinary heaven.

As Valentines Day draws near, Trader Joe’s launched a contest on Instagram calling customers to share which two food they would bring together. While I am not eligible to participate in the contest as a staff member, here’s my top three (unexpected) matches made at TJ’s (styled after the EatLovePun series).

Perfect Match #1: FiggyChed

I love your unfigettable cheesiness

The Ghost Pepper Cheddar Cheese packs a punch (warning for the faint-of-heart) though, for a spice junkie like me, it is more in the middle of a “hotness” chart.

When paired with the Fig Butter, my tongue did a dance! The 11 oz. jar is said to hold 11 to 12 figs and its rich figgy sweetness seems to wrap her arms around the peppery cheddar so perfectly.

The heat from the cheese will linger after the first bite but they are definitely a match made in appetizer (or snack) heaven!

Perfect Match #2: AlmonCruc


I am always on a lookout for different combinations of greens and the Cruciferous Crunch Collection had me at kale, brussels sprouts, broccoli, and green & red cabbage.

When I asked a crew member about unexpected matches of TJ’s product, he suggested trying the Cruciferous with the Thai Lime & Chilli Almond.

With your favorite vinaigrette dressing, the spicy citrusy almonds took the salad to a whole nother “crunch” level, making it an A-M-G healthy meal!

Perfect Match #3: ChampagneSparks

I was taken aback by this unexpected match while reading the label on the Orange Muscat Champagne Vinegar. Originally intended as a dressing for the salad above (and it still is), this recipe suggests adding three tablespoons of the vinegar to crushed ice and sparkling water for a refreshing spritzer?!? Intriguing…

With the 99 cents 1 liter Naturally Flavored Sparkling Water in sight, I bought a bottle of Winter Sangria and had this concoction made in no time when I got home. The vinegar added a nice citrusy-tang to an already refreshing sparkling water! I may have found a new favorite drink.


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