What’s the Buzz?

The conversation happening on various social media channels is a form of word-of-mouth that cannot be ignored. However, that doesn’t mean that a business needs to have every social media account there is to engage in those conversations.

Take note that there are conversations happening between people offline, which in most cases may carry more weight than online word-of-mouth. So, how does one effectively manage and cultivate meaningful conversations?

Understanding Word-of-Mouth

Think of word-of-mouth as simply conversations people are having about your brand, and social media is just a means for that chatter. So is an online review and a phone conversation between friends.

Infographic showing the types of online and offline conversation that can be categorized as word-of-mouth.
Various conversations happen online and offline that may be critical to your brand.

As you can see above, there are pros and cons between online and offline word-of-mouth. The goal is to give your target audience something they cannot help but to talk about, on- and offline.


So, how does one create or find content that people will feel compel to share? Use the following to determine the possible impact of your content:

Create or find content that is helpful and human, and that will emote and engage your target audience.
Use these four key categories to determine possible impactful content that people may be compel to talk about.
  • Is it HELPFUL to my target audience or someone they know?
    • For example; tips, how-tos, resources, etc.
  • Does it EMOTE a response in my target audience? Does it make them smile, laugh, or feel inspired?
    • For example; story telling, meme, gif, etc.
  • Is it HUMAN; revealing my brand’s personalities?
    • For example; photos, videos, behind-the-scene, etc.
  • Does it ENGAGE my target audience, making them feel included?
    • For example; questions, survey, etc.

There are different types of social media channels with varying user base and content strategy. Before adopting one or more accounts, let me help you get on the right track towards formulating a social media strategy.

CASE STUDY: Click here to see how 12 unique content ideas were created from one sushi roll.

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