What Turns Them On

You have identified a need in the marketplace and developed a possibly viable solution. You are ready to break off from the pack like an iceberg in search of your own niche.

Assuming you have a memorable and unique brand in your back pocket, is the next step to launch a website, reach out to friends and family to spread the word, and then wait for the dough to roll in?


Sadly, it’s not that simple.  I would like to introduce three core customer touchpoints that will hopefully shed some light on how your brand can reach your customers and turn them “on”.

Hank Brigman defines a touchpoint as an influential action initiated by communication, human contact or sensory interaction. Each touchpoint is a message that literally “touches” a customer in some way. Collectively, touchpoints create a customer’s experience with your brand.

Let’s consider customer touchpoint in the following categories:

  • On-Print. This is what your customers can see and/or touch. Think of business cards, brochures, flyers, direct mailers, billboard, your product, etc.
  • On-Line. This is everything digital. Think of website, social media site, mobile app, email, etc.
  • On-Site. This can be your store if you are a brick-&-mortar business. It also includes the interaction customers have with your business; in person or over the phone.

three customer touchpoints

Between these three touchpoints, it is key to ensure that all components are visually cohesive; from the placement of the corporate logo, to the use of corporate colors & graphical elements, and even from the way textual content is worded on print and online.

Online and on-print components of Veterinary Dental Center with consistent use of branding elements. Learn more here.

Consistency in this area will reinforce the professionalism of your brand. See another example of a cohesive set of printed materials.

We also cannot deny the power of experience your customers have with your brand. What was their experience before and after purchasing your product/service? What was their experience when communicating with your staff in person or over the phone?

During the launch of a new menu item, this client engages her customers by soliciting for feedback. Learn more about the campaign here .

Ultimately, your customers will not forget how you make them feel. See another example of how the above restaurant engages her customers.

Are your touchpoints memorable to your customers? Are your marketing materials getting antiquated and needing a fresh look? Do you need to learn how to tell a powerful brand story? Send me a message.

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