Waking Up the Creative Mind

No matter what you do in life, it can be good to slow down and exercise your right brain a little. This simple exercise is inspired by my musing on Instagram and I wish to invite you to try it!

start with a common object for this creative exercise

We are surrounded by lots of things and that’s a starting point. For this exercise, let’s go with a good old alarm clock.

Alarm clock is often linked to the concept or idea of waking up.

When one thinks about an alarm clock, the concept of “waking up” is obvious. Other concepts can be “keeping time” or “being late/early for something”.

Waking up can be associated with drinking coffee.

And when one thinks about “waking up”, one possible association is drinking coffee (or tea or any form of energy drink).

Mash up the alarm clock with coffee for an interesting image.

This is when the “Mash Up” happens… combine the two objects that share a common concept and you have an interesting creation.

What other things can you association with an alarm clock? Show me your creative mash-ups by posting your creation with hashtag #creative_mashup and tag this IG account.

PS: Images of clock, coffee, and tea are found on Pixabay; a resource for royalty free stock photos and videos you can use for commercial and non-commercial purposes.

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