What Turns Them On

You have identified a need in the marketplace and developed a possibly viable solution. You are ready to break off from the pack like an iceberg in search of your own niche.

Assuming you have a memorable and unique brand in your back pocket, is the next step to launch a website, reach out to friends and family to spread the word, and then wait for the dough to roll in? Continue reading

INFOGRAPHIC • Inside the Red Cherry

Coffee Belt

My journey with coffee got intimate when I visited Endiro Coffee in Uganda and artistically stained their café walls back in 2015.

Since then, whenever I “brew” a cup of instant coffee I would be reminded of the defective beans used in the soluble powdery mixture of my morning caffeine fix. Continue reading

What is DS9HSE?

Whenever I have to give my email address to someone, it would often be received with a curious frown. For one, it is not just my name and two, I would usually have to spell it out it in International Radiotelephony Spelling Alphabets … that is

Delta-Sierra-Number-Nine-Hotel-Sierra-Echo-dot-Lima-Echo-Echo at gmail dot com

Okay, that’s a mouthful and I don’t blame anyone for being overwhelmed as he/she tries to write it down. After the recipient successfully records my email address, a question usually follows, “So, what’s d-s-9-h-s-e?

Let’s flash back to 2002 when I first started working as a graphic designer in the United States. The company was one of many subsidiaries of Bridgeport Holdings, and within a couple of years, I started providing design services to several other subsidiaries.

By 2005, the desire to establish an in-house design firm started taking root and by August 2006, D’sign House was formed. The six-character acronym, DS9HSE was created as letters/numbers you would see on vanity license plat to represent a longer word / phrase. As such, DS9HSE spells the name of the in-house design firm.

Entrance to D’sign House. Click to see
the space on my Facebook page.

I did not get a vanity license plate ’cause it did not, and still does not make financial sense … never quite understand why people would spend extra money to get a custom plate and pay a higher tag renewal fee yearly.

Anyway, we used the reference to driving to convey the goal of the design firm; to provide design solution that drives business goals. A brochure, shaped like a license plate, was created to explain the journey our clients would take with us as we go through the milestones of our design process.

While I am no longer at D’sign House (or does it exist anymore), the spirit of an in-house design firm stayed with me throughout my career to date. I enjoy being able to devote my attention to a small handful of clients, and learn about the brand thoroughly. Being in-house also allows me to develop holistic design solutions reaching both internal (eg. employees) and external publics (eg. consumers).

As with D’sign House, I brought with me that mindset to Home Creations from 2011 to 2015, serving within her marketing department in the areas of advertising and graphic design. While I did not rename the department, DS9HSE is here to stay … in my email address, in the URLs of this blog, and as my social media handles (Twitter and Instagram). Maybe one day I will become rich enough to get a vanity plate.