Finger Swiping Good

Instagram Carousel Post

Tapping and swiping the screen on our mobile devices have become second nature. And Instagram recently gave us another way to “enhance” our digital experience by allowing the publication of multiple photos & videos in a single post.

Some IGers have also started using it as I began to notice the additional white icon appearing on posts in my feed.  So how can we leverage this new play-toy on the road to instafame? Continue reading


Time travel with me

At your finger tips

How many of you feel naked without your phone in hand or at least within reach? I do at times ’cause there is the lingering fear of missing out (affectionately known as FoMO in the world of acronyms).

Having just watched the 2012 version of Total Recall, where Colin Farrell’s character had a phone embedded in his palm, and Instagram’s Weekend Hashtag Project inspired by time travel,  I got to thinking about our dependency on this telecommunication device (along with a series of images created for the project).

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