My Affair with a Grocer

In 2017, I stepped into a Trader Joe’s for the first time as a friend and I loaded up on some road trip -type food for our 14-day adventure through the country of Mexico.

I was immediately intrigued by how different this grocer is. It goes beyond their highly addictive peanut butter pretzels, colorful hand-drawn signage, and the bell-ringing at the checkout lanes.

Visiting Trader Joe's in Oklahoma City
Before heading south towards Mexico, we decided to take a picture in front of Trader Joe’s, excited about our purchase of bread, canned smoked herring, peanut butter pretzels, trail mix, etc. for the road-trip.

There’s something about their staff Trader Joe’s call Crew Members. Besides wearing Hawaiian shirts or colorful tees with hibiscus motif, these people seem genuinely happy to be working there.

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Design Inspiration | SOSA811

As I connected with more muralists in Oklahoma City, I got to know about the SOSA811 project through Jason Pawley (see his work on Western Avenue). It is a house on NW 8th Street, south of Saint Anthony (ie. S.O.S.A.) Hospital that a group of local artists are using as a canvas for their art.

811 NW 8th Street … demolished on October 30, 2014.

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