Part 3 | North of the Border

Despite the delay in crossing the border, our close proximity to the Mexican custom from Eagle Pass Texas was helpful as we had to walk over a couple of times to sort out the documentations needed for our vehicle.

And since we lost three extra days that we could be driving towards Guatemala, we were determined to make the best of our extended stay in this city; the home of the only casino in Texas.
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Part 2 | Two guys and a car named Yasmin

With an almost 12 gallon (45 litre) fuel tank and the promise of a 51 MPG (21 KM/L) efficiency, Reece’s Toyota Prius was our ride across the country of Mexico last June. Read Part 1 of this series.

Affectionately named Yasmin, this tough girl turns out to be a fairly decent ride for over 2,400 miles with one torn bumper under guard and two obliterated hubcaps as battle wounds. Continue reading