What’s the Buzz?

The conversation happening on various social media channels is a form of word-of-mouth that cannot be ignored. However, that doesn’t mean that a business needs to have every social media account there is to engage in those conversations.

Take note that there are conversations happening between people offline, which in most cases may carry more weight than online word-of-mouth. So, how does one effectively manage and cultivate meaningful conversations?

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CASE STUDY: Food porn (still) rules!

Wonder why you are seeing a Facebook post from last week’s dinner date again as you are getting ready for slumberland while catching up on your social media life?

Known as story bumping, Facebook is causing older posts to appear at the top of your news feed when your friends interact with the content. But why?
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A Year After Stepping Off • Part 2

August 2, 2015. 2:55pm. The plane on route to Chicago just pulled out from its gate.

As the familiar landscape of Oklahoma City, a place I call home, shrunk in size and faded in layers of cloud, I settled into my seat with a little bit of nerves and a whole lot of anticipation.

I was on a mission of discovery shortly after ending a full-time career between three companies within a span of twelves years.  Here’s a continuation from my earlier reflection.

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