What’s the Buzz?

The conversation happening on various social media channels is a form of word-of-mouth that cannot be ignored. However, that doesn’t mean that a business needs to have every social media account there is to engage in those conversations.

Take note that there are conversations happening between people offline, which in most cases may carry more weight than online word-of-mouth. So, how does one effectively manage and cultivate meaningful conversations?

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Design Inspiration | Tell A Story in 15 Seconds

This weekend’s hashtag project from Instagram invites people to tell a story in three 5-second videos (#WHP3x5). I was initially bummed out because the version of the app on my Android 2.3 does not support video. Yes, maybe I should upgrade to the Galaxy Note 3 that I have been thinking about since Thanksgiving last year.

Anyway, when there’s a will, there’s a way. I borrowed a friend’s newer phone, logged onto my Instagram account, and told three stories.

STORY 1: My move from Singapore to Oklahoma City and how I fell in love with the people and place.
STORY 2: My love for running in Vibram FiveFingers.
STORY 3: The story of Christ … He came. He Died. He Rose.

What is your story (in 15 seconds or less)?

We All Have A Story To Tell

In the beginning of 2012, Facebook started allowing users to switch to a new format known as Timeline. I like that idea from the get-go because most of us (if not all) like telling or hearing a story. 

Celebrating the same birthday as Facebook is fun and this year, Mark and his team presented me (and over 1 billion users who has set their account to selected languages) with a movie; one that looks back at my life (on Facebook).

Not everyone likes their Facebook movie but I do mine. I would edit some of the photos (and that option is now available) but allow me to be a nerd and comment on the ones I would not change.

I like M&Ms, which explained my profile picture back in 2007.
FIRST MOMENT: A dear friend and brother, Cody Lorance with his family.
They have moved to Chicago and they loved the Oklahoma State Fair.
This was an image created for their son to hunt for Blue’s Clue. 
YOUR MOST LIKED POST: This was the post when I got my Green Card
(aka Permanent Residency); thirteen years after I first came to the United States.
Details of the post on July 3, 2013.

YOUR MOST LIKED POST: Another family I got to know and love … running buddies; fellow Landrunners!
PHOTOS YOU’VE SHARED: Another great photo of the Bible Study group hanging out at a campus dorm.
PHOTOS YOU’VE SHARED: Lavada Loper (right) and her family have been one of the first few people
who welcomed me warmly into their hearts … they are the reasons I first fell in love with Oklahoma. 
PHOTOS YOU’VE SHARED: Picture from the first cabin vacation in southeast Oklahoma with wonderful friends.
PHOTOS YOU’VE SHARED: One of the original Missional Family at Crosstown …
this was a challenging time in my life and I was glad to have this group of friends by my side.
PHOTOS YOU’VE SHARED: A double-celebration day (shortly after I got the green card) …
sign reads “Vincent is staying. Tony is aging”.

So Mark, thank you for telling my story and allowing me to capture mine (through timeline, albums, and whatever you and your team come up with down the road). We all have a story to tell … it’s what we tell and how we tell it.