Branding | OATECA

OATECA; a provider of assessment and curriculum for the special education industry. Projects for this company include logo design, business card, brochure, exhibition display, and website.  

OATECA Paper Plane Logo
The OATECA’s logo was inspired by the company’s process, program, and personality. See details below. The form of the logo mark also has what looks like the letters “A” and “T” to represent Assistive Technology, which is the client’s core area of expertise.

A series of icons, texture, color palette, and images are created for OATECA’s visual brand library.

One of the core brand messages used on print and online, reflects OATECA’s values that drive the behavior of her team and the experience of her customers.

An interim website for OATECA while a more complex website is being developed.

A closer look…


To create a brand for an established company specializing in assistive technology.


The client has been in the special education industry for about six years, having experienced success in her area of expertise. We were approached to create for her a professional logo and any necessary marketing collaterals.


  • It is clear that our client has a product/program that meets a need in their industry and a more professional visual presence is overdue in reflect the quality of her offering.
  • As with all branding projects, we will only provide design solutions after given the chance to truly understand our client’s business using our Brand Development Methodology.
  • The much-needed process allows OATECA to reaffirm her vision, mission, and values as we used those invisible aspects to guide the fine-tuning of three visible components namely her offering, behavior (of internal public) and experience (of customers).
  • Inspiration Behind the “Paper Plane” Logo
    • OATECA’s process in assessing and developing persons with disabilities (ie. PWD) is very systematic. While a paper plane is simple, it follows a sequence of specific folds.
    • The success of OAETCA’s program is ultimately measured by the progress, big or small, made by the PWD. The goal of the paper plane is to take flight, no matter how far.
    • OATECA’s founders have very infectious and fun personalities because of their experience as teachers and their passion in working with PWD. A paper plane conjures up a spirit of child-like fun and untainted aspiration, which are much needed in the line of special education work.
  • As part of the Brand Development process, we discovered that other service providers in the industry focus more on their methods and tools, creating an overwhelming tidal wave of information.
    • We recognized the value of resonating with educators and caregivers of PWD, and chose to address and empathize with the various pain-points.
    • We knew that educators and caregivers are already overwhelmed with resources and chose to highlight OATECA’s simple yet comprehensive process through flow charts and a singular offering.

What did they say …”

“We were growing and realized that our company needed a more credible brand presence to be on par with our already-proven system. Vincent’s approach challenges us to spell out our purpose and value as individuals, which opens our eyes to see the driving force behind the way we run our business. We are now able to see the uniqueness of our business brand, that goes beyond the visible like logo, website, or brochure, and use it as a powerful filter to keep our focus.”

Sheryl Hazelbaker & Tiffany Massie