Branding | Thousand Paces

Thousand Paces. Projects for this company include logo design, business card, direct mail, website, exhibition display, and social media management.

Logo for Thousand Paces
Logo Design starts not with sketches & thumbnails but a clear definition of six critical aspects of the company, including vision, mission, and values. See details below.

Visual Brand Language for Thousand Paces
A series of icons and images forming the visual language of Thousand Paces.

Printed Brand Assets for Thousand Paces
Sampling of possible on-print brand assets for Thousand Paces including business card and embroidery of the logo on polo shirt.

Digital Content for Thousand Paces
On-line brand assets for Thousand Paces including a responsive website and LinkedIn Business Page.

A closer look…


To establish a brand for a company specializing in business development and financial services.


The client sees a need in the market for a more efficient and effective way to help entrepreneurs and business owners lay the right foundation for their business from planning to funding. They approach us with a clean slate, seeking for a company name, logo, and any necessary marketing collaterals.


  • We approach all branding projects with our Brand Development Methodology; where we examine six critical aspects of a business in order to create three key customer touch-points. Click here to learn more.
  • We started by defining and refining three invisible aspects of the company that include her vision, mission, and values.
  • The vision, mission, and values (collectively referred to as the culture of the company) guided and inspired the name and logo of the company.
  • More importantly, the defined culture of Thousand Paces gave life to the visible aspects of the company that include her offering (service/product), behavior (of internal public), and experience (of customers).
  • Inspiration Behind The Name “Thousand Paces
    • During our name exploration process, both the client and us came to the same conclusion that achieving milestone is essential in the journey of a successful business.
    • Since the word “milestone” is commonly used, we were able to draw inspiration from ancient Rome where Roman soldiers would lay a milestone at every one thousand paces as they grow their empire.
    • Furthermore, the idea of walking a thousand paces is tedious and appropriately reflects the hard work needed to reach a significant milestone when running a business.
    • The client’s commitment to walk every necessary thousand paces with her customers (as reflected in one of her values) is thus embodied in Thousand Paces’ brand story.

What did they say …”

“I was introduced to Vincent when I was planning my startup. My issue was the idea was a relatively new approach to the Oklahoma City scene. I needed customers to understand my process, how it works and trust me with personal information.

Vincent helped me design all the branding for my company which in turn helps develop the process. He also did a great job of teaching me his ideology which led to a deeper understanding of how to present my company to potential customers.

After all that, we designed a very professional web page that actually represents me and my vision of my company. His approach may take a little longer than a typical web designer or marketing manager, but not only am I more knowledgeable about the subject but also my company is significantly better off for it.

Going through his method of branding helped me form a better idea and made me realize some of the weaknesses in my original model.”

Rob Miles
Founder & Commercial Loan Advisor
Thousand Paces