Campaign | The Phalanges

This is a campaign for Home Creations, using a unique way to educate customers about the home buying process while highlighting the product and people/departments of the company. The story unfolded on social media (Facebook and Pinterest) in a comic-strip format over three weeks with a total of three chapters ending in a video.

The Phalanges were created for a Valentine’s Day post on Facebook, which set the stage for a fun series called “Building Dreams Together with The Phalanges”.
Introducing the New Home Consultant at a model home where customers can start their search for a new home.
Introducing ways customers can own a home and showing the possible intellectual and emotional decision making process.
We just can’t help using “fingerprints” as the signatures on the New Home Purchase Agreement.
Introducing the processes leading up to the day when the Phalanges receive their key to their brand new home.
What is a new home without a house warming party? Click link below to watch a video of the party.

 Click to watch video of the house warming party



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