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Choices for Life Foster Care provides trained therapeutic foster families for in-home treatment for children and youth with multiple psychological, social, and emotional needs. Other projects for Choices for Life include logo, stationery, exhibition display, website, flyer, poster, and event management.

“Leave Your Mark” Campaign – Plaster hand prints of adopted children were created and presented to community leaders who advocate the quality of therapeutic foster care.
“Leave Your Mark” Campaign – Benches were covered with colored handprints of children and displayed in public places.
Posters targeting potential therapeutic foster families needed for the care of children and youth.

A closer look…


To heighten the awareness of the need for trained therapeutic foster families.


Therapeutic foster care is a lesser-known type of foster care, requiring caregivers to go through specialized training before a child can be placed under their care. The identity of the children in the therapeutic system had to be kept confidential, which added a level of challenge in “putting a face” to the need for this project.


  • Highlight and honor community leaders in their support of therapeutic foster care via event and press releases.
  • Integrate children’s involvement (while protecting their identity) by customizing benches with colored handprints and presenting them to community leaders for display in public places.
  • Capture success stories (i.e. adoption or reunification of children) by creating plaster hand prints of the children and presenting to community leaders.
  • Equipping existing foster families with tools to tell their stories of how they “leave their mark.”

Vincent’s Role

  • Project management, art direction, and graphic design.
  • Supervised two graphic designers for the production of collateral materials.
  • Worked closely with client to develop and execute the components of the campaign.
  • Worked closely with external PR agency for press releases and news coverage.
  • Staged campaign launch site and designed display panel, invitation, flyer, and poster for launch.
  • Designed and maintained website with client profile and campaign information.


What did they say …

“I have hired Vincent for projects and worked with him on additional projects contracted by separate employers. In all instances, he was professional and attentive to client needs. He worked efficiently to provide unique, excellent products. His goal is to provide graphic and web products that distinguish the client within his/her field and meet client expectations and goals. He is wonderful to work with!”

Laura Boyd
President / CEO
Policy and Performance Consultants, Inc.