Let’s Get Emotional

When one thinks about a company or business, all things visible (eg. logo, billboard, print advertisement) and tangible (eg. product, store-front) tend to be the first image that comes to mind. That’s a typical response of a consumer.

Wearing your consumer hat

But as a consumer of goods and services bombarded by countless “buy me” or “use me” messages whenever we are online or out on the road, the appeal of a product and/or service often goes beyond meeting a functional need and is associated with an emotion.

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What Turns Them On

You have identified a need in the marketplace and developed a possibly viable solution. You are ready to break off from the pack like an iceberg in search of your own niche.

Assuming you have a memorable and unique brand in your back pocket, is the next step to launch a website, reach out to friends and family to spread the word, and then wait for the dough to roll in? Continue reading

CASE STUDY: This is How We Roll

“… social media is a burger made by your brand for your audience. It needs to be served quickly, fit their tastes, be fresh and most importantly, look appealing.”Your Social Media Engagement Burger by Catalyst90

Treating social media content creation like making & serving a burger makes sense to me especially when I have a couple of clients in the food industry.

Being a fan of mind-mapping, I created one showing how I took a client’s product (eg. a sushi roll) and created twelves possible sushi-licious content for social media*.

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