Unexpected Matches In TJ’s

For the last few months, I have been loving every moment working at Trader Joe’s as a crew member. Besides the camaraderie of being part of a family of like-minded people, the small but unique selection of food and beverages had me in culinary heaven.

As Valentines Day draws near, Trader Joe’s launched a contest on Instagram calling customers to share which two food they would bring together. While I am not eligible to participate in the contest as a staff member, here’s my top three (unexpected) matches made at TJ’s (styled after the EatLovePun series).
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From 405 with Love

Handwritten cards

Students from a local school in Singapore were recently encouraged to spend some time handwriting cards purchased by their teacher from the Eat.Love.Pun. collection.

These are Gen Z-ers who probably never knew a world not dominated by technology. So what happens when these students in their late teens were asked to put aside their electronic devices, pick up a pen, and write a card for a classmate?
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