It Started with a Bunch of Bananas

Small chalkboard signs promoting 19 cents bananas at Trader Joe's.

Take a picture of these,” said a fellow crew member after I put up my first two-sided chalkboard sign I drew for a banana tree at Trader Joe’s Oklahoma City.

Looking back, I do appreciate the advice as the side that says “We’re a Happy Bunch” pretty much summarizes my sentiment having been part of this grocery chain.

Here’s a sampling of the various signs I have the privilege of creating by hand; some of which are permanent while others are a figment of my memory (but thankfully captured on camera).

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INFOGRAPHIC • Our Affair with Stuff

We all have an affair with stuff and it’s a love-hate relationship.

I remember receiving my first paycheck as a waiter and immediately purchased a pair of shoes in the same week.

It’s my money and I deserve this,” was how I justified spending over a hundred dollars (ie. half of that check) on this pair of kicks.

I protected that pair of shoes; wearing it only on “special” occasion. Love turned sour when the sole started wearing thin in less than six months.

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