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“I was introduced to Vincent when I was planning my start up. My issue was the idea was a relatively new approach to the OKC scene. I needed customers to understand my process, how it works and trust me with personal information. Vincent helped me design all the branding for my company which in turn helps develop the process. He also did a great job of teaching me his ideology which led to a deeper understanding of how to present my company to potential customers. After all that, we designed a very professional web page that actually represents me and my vision of my company. His approach may take a little longer than a typical web designed or marketing manager, but not only am I more knowledgeable about the subject but also my company is significantly better off for it. Going through his method of branding helped me form a better idea and made me realize some of the weaknesses in my original model.”


Rob Miles
Founder & Commercial Loan Advisor
Thousand Paces

“Vincent has been wonderful to work with. Very creative and attentive to all of our ideas, adding so much more of his own. His knowledge is extensive and he has been a wealth of information with our website, marketing ideas and products. The printing costs have also been very competitive.” 


Dr. Stephen & Alexandra Juriga
Veterinary Dental Center

“Vincent’s marketing expertise has allowed Home Creations to be a top seller in our industry. He is a great asset for the company and always has the big picture in mind. He’s the ultimate hard worker who is highly determined to give our customers the best marketing materials and solutions so they can make educated decisions.”

Bryan Timsah
Human Resource Manager
Home Creations, Home Builder

“Wish I had discovered this company earlier… talk about making my life easier and the products created are amazing! Way better than I expected or wanted! Thank you for saving me hundreds of hours, always being available to answer questions and being prompt and easy to work with.”

Ivette Nessim, DVM
Managing Partner
Indian Head Animal Hospital

“I had the opportunity to work with Vincent when he worked at Bridgeport Development Group- I was on the agency side and he was my client. He is one of the few people I have ever met that is the perfect balance of left-brain/right-brain. He is a very talented graphic designer with incredible attention to detail. In addition, he is very organized in his operations and has excellent communication skills. I was able to see him concept and produce quality marketing materials, organize events, lead and manage his team and do it all with ease and enthusiasm. Vincent would be a true asset to any company and I would welcome the opportunity to work with him again in the future.”

Judi Brown-Startzman
Vice President of Strategic Marketing, VI Marketing and Branding

“Vincent is incredibly creative/cutting edge, organized and fun to work with. He has an unbelievable work ethic. Vincent has the unusual ability to think details and yet be visionary. He sees the big and small picture and continues to excel in every media arena. Our marketing department owes its success to Vincent!”

Anita Brown
Former Director of Sales and Marketing
Home Creations, Home Builder

“Vincent’s attention to detail is unparalleled. There are few people that have the impeccable taste in both composition and design that Mr. Lee has. He also is incredibly professional and a good guy to talk with.”

Vahid Farzaneh
Marketing Specialist and Video Producer

“I have worked with Vincent on several projects and always been extremely happy. The work is always better than expected, on time, and right on budget.”

Ryan Ellis
Business Development Manager at Better Business Bureau
Owner of Conquer Training

“Vincent is a highly creative and consummate professional in the field of graphic design and overall organizational marketing campaigns.His ability to quickly grasp the nuances of our organization and then parlay those into exceptional marketing/PR campaigns was nothing short of brilliant. He was always prepared in every meeting and was extremely sensitive to making the most out of the time we spent; both mine and others. Vincent posesses the skill to deliver high-quality projects, on-time and on-budget, along with an exciting eye for design and progressiveness. I highly recommend Vincent Lee as an employee, a contract service provider, and/or business partner. I welcome any direct contact regarding Vincent’s abilities and his profound impact on me, my department, and our organization.”

Deidre Ebrey
Director of Economic Development at City of Moore

“I’ve worked with Vincent for a long time now and consider him to be one of the best in the business when it comes to creative design and marketing solutions. He’s designed everything from web pages and brochures to book covers and presentations for me and my organizations and he’s the only person I ever recommend for any kind of design work. More importantly, Vincent is a man of impeccable character. You can always count on him to do the job with the highest standards of excellence, with honest and competitive rates, and with unblemished integrity.”

Cody Lorance
Senior Pastor / Church Planting Leader / Diaspora Missions Catalyst

“I have hired Vincent for projects and worked with him on additonal projects contracted by separate employers. In all instances, he was professional and attentive to client needs. He worked efficiently to provide unique, excellent products. His goal is to provide graphic and web products that distinguish the client within his/her field and meet client expectations and goals. He is wonderful to work with!”

Laura Boyd
Public Policy and Government Relations Consultant

“Vincent Lee is an exceptional graphic designer, but his integrity and professional attitude are even more impressive. I had the pleasure of teaching Vincent while he was a student at OCU. He was a member of our AAF student competition team. He also earned the prestigious Ad2 award in 2001 for the top advertising student in the nation. Vincent has developed an impressive portfolio of work. With his global experience, he would be an asset to any agency or corporate marketing department. I frequently ask Vincent to be a guest lecturer in my classes at OCU. That is how much I value his character and talent. He has my highest recommendation.”

Matthew Hamilton
Professor at Oklahoma City University