Part 1 | Guatemala or Bust

I was greeted with puzzled if not concerned looks when I told people of my plan to drive through (and not fly to) Mexico. Their brows creased a little more when they found out it would be a 14-day road trip through Mexico on route to Guatemala.

Trust me, the non-Spanish-speaking me was also a tad bit nervous when the reality of a 2,400+ mile drive (ie. from Illinois towards Guatemala) through a foreign land sets in.

Road trip through Mexico

I wouldn’t even have entertained the possibility of such a trip if I was going solo. But when my friend Reece first told me about his intention to move to Guatemala by driving, I was intrigued by the journey and possible adventure.

Reece was looking for a friend to come along for the trip and I was needing a break from work and life in general. With good timing on our side and an adventurous spirit, Reece and I started planning the journey with the intent of locating inexpensive (or free) accommodation, exploring random cities along the route, and finding cheap eats.

We basically kept a general itinerary of going south with no specific stops in mind but three to start.

  1. We will drive from Aurora, Illinois to my home in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma for me to pack camping gears.
  2. From there, it will be south towards Eagle Pass, Texas as our point of entry into Mexico.
  3. Tapachula, in the southern State of Chiapas, will be our last destination in Mexico where Reece will continue onto Guatemala and I fly back to the U.S.A.

Traveling from point A to B with no specific agenda and a plane to catch on June 28 in Tapachula (gasp!) would easily deter the planner in me from putting my foot on the gas pedal.

However, I will not trade anything for the experiences we have had in the two North American countries. I will also treasure the memories that have deepened the friendship between Reece and me; two people from very different upbringing and cultures.

I am glad we crossed that bridge connecting two worlds. Check out Part 2 here.


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