What’s Love Got To Do With Food

Some say love is blind. Others believe it makes the world go round. For me, love has become quite tasty as I explore ways to express it with food.

Between ILUFEAE and 831 (see what these abbreviations mean at the end of the post), we have lost touch with expressing love using properly written words, much less understand the four types of love defined for us by the Ancient Greeks.

With hopes to encourage people to express love more often and freely, here are four punny ones to help distinguish between the Greek words for love: agape, eros, phileo, and storge.

AGAPE (Unconditional & Sacrificial kind of love)

Melting ice cream

Christ is, of course, the ultimate example of sacrificial love. We might have someone we know whom we would lay down our lives for, and that’s a good place to be. There’s much to learn of this God-driven love.

EROS (Passionate & Intense kind of love)

Red hot chilli

This is the type of love everyone seems to know and talk about, but it is mostly abused and misunderstood. This love, not lust, is something to be treasured and celebrated within the boundary of marriage.

PHILEO (Affectionate & Platonic kind of love)

Watermelon in a heart shape

Two people can share an intimate and affectionate relationship in the absence of sex and romance, and it’s nothing to shy away from. Express your love factually and overtly with a simple “Thank you”, and practice it often.

STORGE (Communal & Familial kind of love)

Two broken eggs in a heart shape

Parents naturally display such love for their children. It’s one that accepts flaws and ultimately drives one to forgive any wrong. It can go beyond familial relationships and establishes a community people can feel safe and connected to.

Feeling Warm and Fuzzy?

I am pretty sure you have experienced and know most, if not all of the above. Express the appropriate type of love to someone today with a simple handwritten card.

For the love of food and for the people you love, click on any buttons below to purchase one or more 5″ by 7″ cards.

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*ILUFEAE is the acronym for “I love you forever and ever”.

*831 means 8 letters (iloveyou), 3 words (I, love, you), and 1 meaning. 

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