Beyond the Layers

I started drinking coffee in my early teen thanks to my grandmother. Every day she would make the aromatic brew by pouring hot water into a long sock-like cotton filter filled with coffee grounds. Learn about the coffee culture in Singapore.

Before 2015, my appreciation of coffee stops at my need for a daily dose of caffeine. Visiting Endiro Coffee‘s farmers in Uganda two years ago changed that. 

Walking through the coffee plantation and learning from Endiro Coffee how she works with local farmers to produce specialty beans shed much light to my ignorance.

Before the beans…

The brown energy drink starts out as a cherry in a coffee tree, not forgetting the effort that goes into growing and nurturing the tree, which takes about 3-4 years to bear fruits.
Coffee Cherry and Coffee Tree

After the ripe red cherries are hand-picked, they are put through a process of floating, pulping, fermenting, washing, drying, and milling. Learn more about the process here. And this is just to get to the beans (ie. one bean in two halves per cherry) before roasting.Layers of Coffee Cherry

Being a visual learner, I appreciated the chance to manually peel off the layers of a coffee cherry, which later inspired the creation of an infographic and a scarf.

Unraveling the layers…

With the help of an Endiro staff, the first coffee cherry scarf was made with the goal of incorporating an educational element into a functional piece. May each layer helps us appreciate the labor that goes into a cup of brew.

Coffee Cherry Scarf

It is my hope that tools like this will help many fall in love with coffee in a fun engaging way. Stay tuned for when the scarf is available for sale.

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